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Our range of designer spectacles provides a real "Wow" impact factor for all who browse in our store. With huge brands such a Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Police, Nina Ricci, Oroton, Guess, Nike, Chloe, Nautica, Morrissey, Sass and Bide, Bolon, Anne Klein, Salvatore Ferragamo, Escada, Levi's, Van Staveren, and Nicola Finetti, all in new seasons fashions and colours, we have a frame for anyone with an eye for detail, and a need for quality. We also carry a large range of designer sunglasses, again with names that you know and can trust. For those needing the ultimate in performance sunglasses, we stock the Maui Jim sunglass range, all with their renowned Polarized Plus lenses. Prescription sunglasses are our speciality.

We are proud to use and recommend the Essilor, Nikon, and Hoya brand prescription spectacle lenses. Essilor are the world leaders in prescription spectacle lens sales, and with good reason. Essilor invented progressive addition lenses, releasing Varilux to the world over fifty years ago. Now, thanks to Live Optics and several generations of lens developments, their new Varilux X range of lenses provide the highest resolution, the easiest adaptation, and the widest zones of any progressive addition lens. Nikon is a name synonymous with optical quality, renowned for its world leading camera design. For those with high prescriptions, we can use the latest in the Nikon and Hoya range of high index materials to minimise lens thickness and weight. Nikon's e-Life Series of lenses are perfect for anyone living in a highly demanding digital world. Essilor Crizal Prevencia, Crizal UV, Nikon Seecoat Plus UV, Nikon Seecoat Blue UV, Hoya Blue Control and Hoya Diamond Finish reflection free coatings not only reduce annoying glare, blue light and/or ultra-violet light, but reduce build up of fingerprints and dust, leading to lenses that are easier to clean and which will stay scratch-free for longer than ever before. Transitions tinting, where lenses adapt to the light, can be incorporated into most prescription lenses. There are now seven Transitions colours to choose from, so there are colours for everybody! Transitions Xtractive and Vantage lenses are available for anyone with high glare control needs. 

We fit contact lenses from all the world’s leading manufacturers, and can find a lens to suit the needs of nearly anyone who needs an alternative to their spectacles. Contact lens ranges have expanded over the years, and now vary from disposable lenses which can be worn only once, to lenses which are suitable for continuous wear for up to one month. There are disposable lenses to correct for astigmatism, and multifocal contact lenses for those who use progressive addition spectacles. We provide free contact lens trials to determine a person’s ability to handle and wear contact lenses. For special needs, we can order custom-made lenses, with priority service from laboratories right here in Victoria.

For anyone working in trades and industry, we can provide Prescription Safety Spectacles conforming to Australian Standards. We have ranges of eyewear from industry leaders PSG and IOAC.

Optometrists Association Australia (Eyes and Vision info) - www.optometrists.asn.au

Essilor Australia Spectacle Lenses - www.essilor.com.au

Nikon Spectacle Lenses - www.nikoneyes.com.au

Hoya Spectacle Lenses - www.hoyalens.com.au

General Optical Eyewear - www.generaloptical.com.au

L'Amy Eyewear - www.lamygroup.com.au

Maui Jim Sunglasses - www.mauijim.com

Ciba Vision Contact Lenses - www.cibavision.com.au

CooperVision Contact Lenses - www.coopervision.com/australia/patient_home.asp

Johnson and Johnson Contact Lenses - www.acuvue.com.au

Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses - www.bausch.com.au

Transitions Optical - Photosensitive Lenses - www.transitions.com.au


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